Go Green When Treating For Termites That Really Need To Go Away For Good

treating for termites

By going green in the context of this article on effective remedies to treat termite infestations, you will literally be going back to the roots. This is because it has taken the natural ability of the bark off of a plant indigenous only to South America to ward off and kill termites. Pest control experts and their team of scientific researchers spent who knows how long in formulating chlorantraniliprole to be used by pest exterminators in their treating for termites.

It is still being billed as a revolutionary new product that naturally kills all bugs, not just termites. The formula has the ability to go to insects’ colonies, where applicable, and keep them out of domestic and commercial properties for years to come. The good thing about going green these days is that you and your pest control expert are going some way in creating an environment that is safer to live and breathe in.

The abovementioned formula is deadly in its treatment of termites but it poses no threat to the domestic environment, particularly where children and pets are included within it. It also does no harm to plants. A case of one plant helping a few others out then because trees are part of the same flora family, are they not. And we all know just how much termites love wood, which of course, comes directly from trees. 

The suggestion goes that this green treatment is way more effective than the chemical conventions that have been tried and trusted for far too long, done and dusted, but never ultimately with the desired effects. The chemical companies that developed their poisons were prompted to increase their dosages in a vain attempt to be effective. It all went up in smoke and in cases it landed up in court. Green, however, is good, not greed.

The minute a bug walks through your door it begins the process of dying a slow and cruel death. It takes roughly three months to wipe out a colony or two, depending just how big and bad the infestation is out your way. The pests just do not know what hit them because the moment they come into contact with the natural pesticide they cannot taste or smell it. As a result, they walk in it, feed on it and die in it.