Quick Response To A Question – Is Quinoa Gluten Free?

is quinoa gluten free

Yes. There is your short and quick answer if you have tired eyes and no stomach left for finding out about food materials still quite foreign to you in spite of having been used for thousands of years. Perhaps your diet is not as it should be. Not enough carrots and vitamin C in the diet. And what about your good old sunny vitamin D? All you needed to do was step out into the sun for a few moments to let your body absorb this fine vitamin.

Now, those who already have what could be termed a sunny disposition towards life could very well be getting a lot of what the body needs to stay healthy. A healthy, balanced diet sure does go a long way towards keeping you vibrant and happy. Here now is a brief summary to the question on the minds of those who really do want to know – is quinoa gluten free. Apart from being gluten free, this food source holds specific benefits for those who just happen to be gluten intolerant.

Interestingly, quinoa does contain proteins that are similar to gluten – it is a protein as well – that activates the immune systems of those who suffer from the celiac disease, the most extreme case of gluten intolerance.  Now, the mistake and misunderstanding has been committed far too many times already. Time to clear this misconception up for once and for all. Please note that quinoa is not a grain at all.

It is, in fact, the seed of a plant. And another question on the lips of concerned readers. Is quinoa safe to digest or not. The answer: Yes.

Quinoa is quite safe for consumption. After years of research concluded the matter, the consensus remains that quinoa is a remarkable gluten free alternative to so many different dietary or eating habits. And there is no harm in asking this next question. Will you enjoy quinoa? Do you require an acquired taste for this unique food once indigenous to certain regions of the South American continent?

Yes, and no. No, no acquired taste is required. And yes, you may very well enjoy quinoa. Try it out raw with a sprinkling of olive oil or lemon juice and just you wait and see. If you love nutty flavors in your food then, yes indeed, you will enjoy the flavor of quinoa.

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